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Reportage Hooligans Chelsea headhunters VF

il y a 7 ans14.3K views



Célèbre reportage sur les Headhunters datant de 1999 Plutôt assez rare à trouver en VF.(décalage entre l'audio et les images mais c'est supportable )

En Juin 2009 Donal MacIntyre a était battu avec sa Femme par les lads de chelsea.

A propos de Jason Marriner :

" There are some people out there who genuinely believe that I got sucked in by that prick MacIntyre a lot more than I actually was. Him and his "associates" shot 344 hours of video that was declared in court (and that don't include the audio tapes). If you sat down to watch them back to back today you'd still be watching them in a fortnight, but all they could put together was one hour of cleverly edited nonsense with plenty of crafty voice-overs. What I would like to say is: thank you to the people from ALL the teams in the nation and abroad for the fantastic response they've given me"

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Reportage Hooligans Chelsea headhunters VF
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