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    Kidkraft Red Retro Kitchen


    oleh andrani7

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    Small enough to be completely functional for my 18 month old.
    Looks great in the dining room where we keep it.
    It is Extremely cute! The color is a very nice red, and it looks really nice.
    My son plays in his kitchen while I do dishes or cook, instead of hanging onto me.
    The stove knobs click when you turn them, all of the doors open well, lots of storage space and shelving.
    The faucet rotates, the hot and cold water handles turn (or can be used like soap dispensers which my son does).
    It isn't a crazy colored plastic behemoth like other kitchens, which mattered to me.
    My son's imagination soars while playing with this.

    None. I seriously love it and anyone that sees it wants it for their child instead of what they got.