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    Cartoon Favorites Vol. 1

    FLIXU Movies

    by FLIXU Movies

    Cartoon Favorites explodes with this rare collection of the most treasured classic cartoons. Now your kids can share your childhood memories. On this DVD: 1. With Little Swee' Pea (Popeye), 2. Barnyard Brat, 3. Vitamin Hay, 4. Yankee Doodle Donkey, 5. Two For The Zoo, 6. It's A Hap-Hap-Happy Day, 7, Pleased To Eat You, 8. Christopher Columbus, 9. Diana And The Golden Apples, 10. David & Goliath, 11. The Enchanted Horse, 12. Noah's Ark, 13. Panchito, 14. Paul Bunyon, 15. Tom Sawyer.