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    Occupy London Joins Global Protest


    by NTDTelevision

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    Thousands of protesters gather at St. Paul's cathedral near London's financial district. They are joining a global protest that took place in almost a thousand cities worldwide last Saturday. It all started with the "Occupy Wall Street" movement last September.

    Thousands have come to London's financial district this Saturday, to join in the global "Occupy Together" protests in solidarity with the Occupy Wall Street movement.

    But since protesters were stopped from entering the London's Stock Exchange, they settled on St. Paul's cathedral steps instead, where they set up a "people's assembly" and occupation camp.

    [Mary Stimson, Retired Artist]:
    "I'm just so angry with the way the government is not regulating the banks. I feel that if we regulated the banks, so if we set up a national bank, where we put money in which we could support English businesses and English jobs, instead of putting money into a gambling situation (...) And if they fail at their gambling then we support them with our tax payer's money, and to me that's very wrong."


    Dani has set up camp in protest of cuts in National Health Services.

    [Dani Smith, Unemployed]:
    "My local hospital has just been shut and since it has been shut 260 people have died in ambulances going to the next town. It's a bit heartbreaking, to be honest those 260 people didn't need to die."

    Minutes after this interview, Dani was arrested when the police tried to close in on protesters.

    Even though the protest was peaceful, the constant advance of the riot police kettling the protesters caused great tension throughout the event.

    Around five hundred people spent the night at the site, some pitching tents and others playing songs.

    Protesters aim to stay at St. Paul's until mid-December.

    Olga Martinez
    NTD News, London