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    Picturae 2.0 is a tangible way to paint virtually.

    It is inspired by the techniques of drawing, painting, printing, graffiti, ... and is built upon a digital process that enables an infinity of features and extensions.
    The cloth painting is the screen, the brush is a specific can. Sometimes mouse, other times brush, the specific can allows the user to paint or to change or select a parameter of the brush, his size or color.
    Everything is done on the screen.

    Contact :

    Read more :​Picturae/​Picturae_video.html

    Concept, coding: Taprik (Rennes, FR)

    Painting : Keflione (Shanghai, CN)

    Music : Extract from "At work" by Robert le Magnifique (Rennes, FR)​robertlemagnifique

    Shooting : Pacôme Gabrillagues ( Rennes, FR)​