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    Healthcare Identity Management Customer Case Study Automated User Provisioning and Password Reset

    Mary Marshall

    by Mary Marshall

    In the heart of the Silicon Valley, Intuitive Surgical is the global technology leader in robotic-assisted, minimally-invasive surgery. Its da Vinci system enables surgeons to perform complex procedures, such as heart valve and cancer surgery. Like many companies, Intuitive Surgical has an extremely busy IT staff. To keep up with their workload, they needed to reduce the time they spend performing routine tasks. As they looked at streamlining IT processes, Intuitive searched for a solution that would minimize their password-related account maintenance.

    Avatier designs and develops industry leading identity management software for user provisioning, access certification, enterprise risk management, and self-service password reset. Avatier first deployed Password Station. Within 3-4 days, Intuitive Surgical was up and running. Avatier's Password Station freed up Intuitive Surgical technicians to do other more strategic work. Avatier's account setup, role creation, user management tools, termination tools were all implemented extremely fast. With Avatier's Identity Management Suite, Intuitive Surgical has gone from an average of 1 to -1.5 to 3 hours average for user account provisioning and setup across all systems to under 5 minutes for any given user in the company.

    Avatier helped Intuitive Surgical with automated user provisioning and automated active directory password reset, thereby, freeing their staff for other tasks.