Fat Pizza-s01e03-Film Pizza

Leslie Gibson
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Episode 1.3

The new James Bond film is being made at some movie studios near the Fat Pizza pizzeria. Supermodel Claudia MacPherson is cast in the film much to the dismay of co-star Brad Pitts.

Sleek is injured in a delivery to a wrestling ring and spends the episode chasing a good compo lawyer as well as trying to deliver a pizza to an elusive Bobby DeNiro who is in Australia for the new film.

Bobo chainsaws a runaway kangaroo for salami and Pauly has a run in with petrol station owner Kamahl over a difference of opnion concerning the dangers of mobile phones.

Dean Uthoff (Sydney kings) plays a secretive government agent dressed in black. Dr. Karl Kruselniki plays a scientist at a special nose picking research centre. Lawyer Chris Murphy plays a celebrity lawyer, Lex Marinos plays a sleazy compo lawyer, Donna Gubbay plays an TV entertainment show host and Jon English plays a hack actor making a patronising TV commercial for a pizza mix company.