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    How to Choose Your Outfits for Work (Women Wardrobe Tips)

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

    Tips on Matching Clothes for Office (Closet Organization) - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. First of all, you really want to make sure that you do match your clothes to your office setting. And what I mean by that, is, you want to adhere to the type of business that you are in, and also your dress code. Most businesses do have a dress code. Or if it is not written down formally, it is pretty much understood how you dress at the office. And that is really important that you follow it. Because so many people miss that big promotion if they do not dress correctly at work. And also think about the activities that you are going to be doing during the day. For instance, if you are in that type of job where you are going to be out in the field, and you, maybe even on rocky terrain. Well, perhaps this is not the shoe you want to be wearing when you are out in the field on rocky terrain. You might, you know, be getting, you know, teased by your co-workers wearing a high high heel shoe like this. So think about what you are going to be doing. You want to make sure you are comfortable, and it works for the situation that you are in. If you are sitting all day, you do not want to wear clothes that are going to wrinkle so badly, that you are going to get up and look like a wrinkled mess. Maybe wear something that has a little stretch in it, or even look at knits. That is also a good option when you are sitting a lot. I am going to show you a few items that do not really belong in the office, and then some that do belong in the office. So first of all, an outfit like this is not really work appropriate for most offices, I am going to stress, for most offices. You do not want to be wearing spaghetti straps, something very tight and revealing at the office with a more structured straight skirt. That is not what you do. This is weekend wear, this is office wear. So that is why, a lot of times, these 2 things get confused a bit when you are getting dressed for work. So keep this for the weekend. Another thing you do not want to wear is something too sheer, sparkly, and low cut at the office. It is just what a call a 2-2 top. You do not want to be wearing this is an office setting either. You would, perhaps, be better off with something a little more conservative that covers. It is a twin set, a little cardigan, blouse-cardigan, or little shell in a cardigan. It is going to look much more professional. So would a blouse, maybe in a necklace in a vest or a cardigan over this. Again, you want to look as professional as you can be in the office. And, you know, you want that promotion, right? You will get noticed if you are dressed correctly. Another thing, this would not be office wear. Not wearing something very loud, too short, too revealing. It is all the twos. If you look at it in the morning, and say, it is a little short. It is a little too short. It is a little too loud. It is a little too revealing, does not belong in the office. Another thing to consider when you are getting dressed for work, is, what types of fabrics work well together? For instance, this is a heavier wool blanket type skirt, this is a cotton jacket. These 2 should not meet. These do not work well together. You want to stay closer to like fabrics that work well together, than mixing too heavy and too lightweight. So those are my tips on how to match your clothes to your office environment.