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Choosing a Bra for Your Body Type - Women's Style

6 years ago3.9K views


Geo Beats

Choosing a Bra for Your Body Type - as part of the Women's Style series by GeoBeats. When choosing a bra that is the right fit for your body type, you should really try on the different bras, and different styles, to see what style, first, that you really want. Try it on with clothes that you want to wear to really see how flattering it makes your figure look. And some things to also consider are, do the straps dig in? Are they too tight? Are they falling off? The back of the bra should lay flat, it should not be riding up. And you should also consider cleavage. Do you want to show more, do you want to show less? And you should also, perhaps, have a bra fitting to know your correct size. It is always a good idea to go and have a professional bra fitting every few years, because your size might change over time. So something that you wore in your twenties may not be the perfect fit for you in your thirties, or after you have had children. Your body is always changing. So it is always good to know exactly what your bra size is. Say you have a large bust, and you do not really want to show too much cleavage, and you are trying to minimize. It is good to find a bra with a good underwire that, in a cup that has good coverage, but not necessarily any padding. And for it to fit correctly, you should not be popping out of the top, and you should not have excess fabric either. You may also, on the other hand, not have a large chest, and want to have a little more emphasis without showing everything off. In that case, it is great to find something with a demi-cup, that, again, does not give too much padding, and does not push you up too much, so that you are showing more than you want to. Make it a little bit tighter fit, and a little bit more support. If you have a small chest, you may want to choose a bra that has some gathered fabric on the outside, or ruffles, or lace, that really draw the eye there, and give a little more fullness. And one thing to consider when you are trying on a bra, is that, when you purchase the bra, it should fit on the first hook. Because over time, the band is going to stretch out. And after a few months, you should move to the second hook and to the third. And one you are on to the third hook, it might be time to find a new bra. And those are some tips for finding the perfect bra for your body type.