Magic Tricks for Your Kids - Classic Bag Trick

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Magic Tricks for Your Kids - Classic Bag Trick - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Robin Charin, and I am the owner of R.T. Clown. Another classic trick, the bag trick. It probably has a better name, but I call it the bag trick. So I am going to have my friend, Christopher, reach into the bag, and see what he finds in there. It is a green scarf. But, as you can see through the camera, there is nothing else in there, is there? No. So, Christopher, put the green scarf back in here, thank you very much. Woops, just tuck it way down. And you will say a magic word, and you will say please, or Abracadabra, or whatever else you want to say. And then you reopen the bag, and you say, okay, Christopher, reach down. Well, my gosh, the green became yellow. Is not that amazing? And you know what? There is no green scarf in there, is there? No there is not. Okay, now, Christopher, give me that one back. And now, this time, it is really good if you have a kid that is been annoying you a lot. And you say, okay, little Devon, or, uh, let us get a good name, Chucky. It is your turn to reach into the bags. So you have them reach into the bag. Well, there is nothing in the bag! Oh my gosh. You have not been a good child, have you? Okay. But then, of course, if you do have a birthday child, or somebody really special at the party, you can have them reach into the bag, and then you see what happens. Both of them.