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    Halloween Costume Ideas - Darth Vader

    Geo Beats

    by Geo Beats

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    Halloween Costume Ideas - Darth Vader - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi, I am Robin Charin, and I am the owner of R.T. Clown. Here we have our classic space villain. I know, most of you, your kids will probably know it as Darth Vader. Ooohhh! And a light saber! Again, with this costume, a professional can put all the final touches on it for you. But, why do not you turn around, Darth? Thanks Darth, we appreciate it. By the way, my husband wore this at the costume contest at the 10K run this past year, and won first prize. So, you can wear it at other events. The cape we actually used to use for an old Batman outfit. It is a one-piece bodysuit. To create this look, you can start with the boots. These are classic water boots, people wear them to fish with. They can be bought almost anywhere, they are classic, they are rubber boots. The outfit I had made, but it is a one-piece jumpsuit, basically, the black quilting. The cape we took from another costume, and you know, bastardized it and put it on Darth. The light saber is buyable, even the head is buyable. The various pieces in the middle were made by one of my costume people. So if you want to go to really authentic, you have to go to somebody like me who can get all this together, but a lot of this stuff can be done on its own. Anything really recognizable like Darth Vader (because everybody knows who Darth is), you are wanting to get the real thing, you do not want to get one of those kids costumes that is a one piece thing that you can buy at the local Woolworth (does Woolworth still exist?) or the local drugstore, or Wal-mart, or one of those places. If you want to look really good, you want to get the real thing, and they are available, you can buy them.