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    Coolidge Outlander 100 Demo


    by RobChapman

    Coolidge Outlander 100 Demo recorded with one sE Electronics 4400a, click the link below if your interested in this mic - Outlander 100 Specs Vintage 1969 100 watt plexi circuit 4 EL34 power tubes 3 12AX7 (ECC83) preamp tubes Amp Front 2 channel classic Marshall 4 input jack configuration (this may change soon to a 2 channel footswitch configuration, Plexi and Plexi Nitro) Channel volume controls (Roar 1 and Roar 2) PPIMV (post phase inverter master volume, effectively out of the circuit when dimed e.g. non-mv spec) EQ - treble, mids, bass, presence, resonance On/Off switch Standby/Get Some switch Blue LED power indicator, black anodized aluminum housing naturally, also may be used as a long distance emergency beacon Amp Rear 2 speaker outputs Impedance switch (4, 8, 16 ohms) Mains switch (120, 220, 240 vac) HT fuse Mains fuse IEC power cord socket 25k locking bias pot, (wins my 'brute component' rating) ground and power tube bias test points for biasing power tubes. No more yanking the chassis and poking around lethal voltages to bias tubes. Component highlights Mercury Magnetics transformers and choke (USA) F&T filter caps (Germany) Solen filter caps (France) Sozo mustard tone caps (USA) PRP precision audio resistors (USA) they are not kidding about the precision either PEC stainless pots (Canada) Micalex precision ceramic tube sockets NKK heavy duty toggle switches (wins my 'brute component' rating) CNC vertical fluted black anodized aluminum control knobs CNC .090 inch thick alumimum chassis w/welded corners. I have these custom made to my specs locally on a $500k state of the art cnc machine. Amazing machine to watch by the way. Additional Features CNC engraved front/rear faceplates, .070 inch thick black anodized aluminum, amp owners name, build date, serial number cnc engraved into the rear panel along with some added win. Engraved control labels and text are deep and filled in white/red enamel. These babys run me about $220 per amp from Front Panel Express in Seattle but the text will never ware off like the screen printed faceplates on other amps, epic! Hand wired turret board construction (Keystone double turrets), I design the boards in CAD and build them myself. Figured hardwood head cabinet, dovetail joinery, CNC powder coated aluminum front and rear vents, CNC machined black anodized top vents. Sadly the top vents may be phased out, I like them but feedback has been they take away from the figured hardwood cabinets . That's okay I have another job in mind for the big CNC Mori dual spindle lathe! Dogbone leather handle (synthetic, no animal parts used), stainless hardware and threaded inserts. Chapman Guitars: Monkey Lord Forum: Monkey Lord Store: Place yourself on the Monkey Lord Minion Map: Twitter: Facebook: