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    China's Tuidang Movement Gains Support in New York


    by NTDTelevision

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    Hundreds of people gathered on Sunday in New York's Chinatown to celebrate people who have quit the Chinese Communist Party. These individuals share a common vision—to support the Tuidang movement—a movement that, so far, is more than 100 million strong.

    On Sunday, New Yorkers from all walks of life gathered at Columbus Park in Chinatown for a single purpose—to support the Tuidang movement.

    "Tuidang" means to withdraw or "quit" from the Party. It's an effort of Mainland and overseas Chinese who have renounced their affiliation with the Chinese Communist Party—or CCP.

    So far, more than 100 million people have renounced the CCP and its organizations.

    Global Quit CCP Service Center president Rong Yi explains why Tuidang is gaining momentum.

    [Rong Yi, President, Global Quit CCP Service Center]:
    "Chinese people have suffered so much ever since the Chinese Communist Party came into power... People are saying no to Chinese Communist Party ruling... They want freedom, they want democracy and they want human rights."

    Yi explains for many Chinese people, one of the biggest obstacles to renouncing the CCP is fear of retaliation.

    [Rong Yi, President, Global Quit CCP Service Center]:
    "Some people [are] still afraid of the persecution, maybe if the Communist Party knows they already withdraw from the Party, maybe they'll be persecuted."

    Tuidang isn't about voting in another political party, but more of a symbolic statement.

    At Sunday's rally, more than forty people received their certificate of withdrawal.

    [Lian Juan, Tuidang Participant]:
    "I heard about this Tuidang movement, so I am here to show my position that I had already made up my mind to quit the CCP. To be honest, I was a bit hesitant, but I want to follow my heart."

    Margaret Lau, NTD News, New York.