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    Rob Chapman - Breath


    by RobChapman

    Breath is the first music video from Monkey Lord! It is available on iTunes here: Lyrics: God I love it when you sing that song to me, and you know I'll never forget that melody. Breath carry my words into the wind and set them free. Take your idols and throw them in the sea, you'll never be a slave to me. You're so precious now I'l never let you go, hold you so tight till you feel it in your soul. You lift me from this black hole, the only way out is in, that's what I've been told. All lyrics written by Rob Chapman. Rob Chappers - Vocals & Guitar Antony Stevens AKA "Rain" - Bass Paul Annis AKA "Stick" - Drums Chapman Guitars: Monkey Lord Forum: Monkey Lord Store: Place yourself on the Monkey Lord Minion Map: Twitter: Facebook: