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    Fat Pizza-s01e01-Dangerous Pizza

    Leslie Gibson

    by Leslie Gibson

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    Dangerous Pizza

    Episode 1.1

    The first episode introduces our main characters. Pauly (Paul Fenech) a veteran pizza deliverer, Sleek the Elite (Paul Nakad), a first timer, who wants to be a rap star outside of his new pizza career, Bobo Gigliotti (Johnny Boxer), the sexually frustrated owner of the Fat Pizza pizzeria (Bobo at forty still lives at home with mama Gigliotti, played by Maria Venuti). Claudia Macpherson (Annalise Braakensiek) is a supermodel who also apears in this episode in a take off on supermodels and celebrity.

    The episode sees Pauly warn Sleek about the dangers of pizza delivery: "mate it’s the second most dangerous job in the western world, in the third world they don’t even have pizza delivery its that dangerous". Sleek and Pauly encounter SWAT teams, pyscho customers, celebrity orgies, home invasions and even alien life. As pauly says "pizza delivery—it’s a dangerous buisness".