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    Scuffles Break out as London Protests


    by NTDTelevision

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    Police clash with 'Occupy London' protesters as they attempt to keep demonstrators out of St. Paul's Cathedral. This echoes the “Occupy Wall Street” protest in New York.

    Some 600 protesters were still gathered around St. Paul's Cathedral in the heart of London's financial district late on Saturday, as their protest stretched into the night.

    Police fought hard to keep them at bay, forming human barricades around the building and by the entrance to St. Paul's.

    Minor clashes erupted between police and protesters, but the situation remained largely peaceful.

    Londoners staged the protest as part of a global movement calling for change in the world's political and financial systems.

    Echoing the "Occupy Wall Street" protest in New York, some protesters have even set up camp, pitching tents and vowing to stay for as long as possible.

    [Bronte Plenderleith, Protester]:
    "I think that what the banking sector has done to not only our country but on a global scale is such a big issue now. We need to protest against it. We can't just sit back and let daylight robbery be committed against our taxpayers and against the global community, this is not all right."

    Demonstrators aimed to converge on the City of London under the banner "Occupy the Stock Exchange" after a call on a Facebook page which has drawn some 12,000 followers.