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    by formafurniture

    WE ALWAYS ENJOY OUR VISITS TO FORMA! Forma Furniture and the entire staff have been great. They made our decisions easy and made us feel comfortable. We love our furniture, we started with 2 chairs years ago and have slowly been adding to our home. Our most recent purchase was for a mattress and WOW we love it! We sleep better and got a great deal on it. We always enjoy our visits to Forma and never feel pressure to buy, but always seem to find something we can't live without. - Kurt & Vicki W.

    LOVED THE PERSONAL ATTENTION!!! I have purchased furniture at Forma Furniture for the past 2 years which started on a whim by just walking in the store to see what it was all about. The modern contemporary style became instantly what I was looking for. I have since purchased family room, living room and kitchen furniture at Forma and have loved the personal attention and family ownership.