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Exotic Pets - Australian Bearded Dragon

6 years ago540 views


Geo Beats

Exotic Pets - Australian Bearded Dragon - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. This is an Australian Bearded Dragon. This is probably the best pet lizard in the world. They do not run, they do not jump, they do not bite, they do not scratch, they eat anything organic and all they want to do is sit around and eat and have babies all day long. They come from Australia. In the wild, in Australia, they are actually fairly aggressive. In captivity they are very mellow, very easy to care for. They have very special requirements that you are going to set them up. They need a nice, roomy cage. I had say at least a 40 gallon terrarium for a lizard this size. They need bedding that can be made of anything from astroturf to coarse gravel. Sticks and branches for them to climb on, a heat lamp that gives them a hot spot of about a 100 degrees. They need a full spectrum light, which is artificial sunlight. A calcium supplement, multi-vitamin supplement. And these are opportunistic omnivores, they will eat anything organic. They like insects, they like vegetables, they like a little bit of fruit. They do well on prepared diets. There are several companies that make bearded dragon food that you can buy in bottles, jars and cans. This is a full grown male. They do not get much bigger than this, they stay at a very manageable size. And very active when they are hunting, especially they are fun to feed. It is fun to watch them eat. Just a wonderful, wonderful pet. These are great for children, as long as they are supervised, all the way up to adults. If you get a male and a female they breed very readily in captivity. And just a wonderful, wonderful pet. I cannot say enough about these things. Out of all the reptiles that are out there for sale this is probably one of the best pet reptiles in the world.