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    Project Green Hands - Jeeva TV Promo (Tamil)


    by IshaFoundation


    Tamil Actor Jeeva makes an appeal to people for planting saplings by supporting Project GreenHands (PGH) - the environmental initiative of Isha Foundation. Jeeva says" We all have good intentions, but we do not know how to convert them into action. PGH is extending its hands for planting saplings on your behalf".

    PGH aims to increase the green cover of the state of Tamil Nadu to the required 33% by planting 114 million trees. So far over 10 Million trees have been planted thanks to the support of people from all sections of the society like school children, college students, volunteers, NGOs, SHGs, farming families, rural community, corporate companies and inspired individuals.

    We invite you to be a part of this massive tree planting movement.

    To donate, join or learn more please visit :
    or write to us at