Taiwanese Businessmen Caution against Investing in China


by NTDTelevision

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Taiwan and the Chinese regime have been negotiating a deal to protect Taiwanese investors in the Mainland. It's aimed at generating more cross-strait trade, but a group of former investors have been demonstrating against the move since September.

Chanting "Investment in China is a dead end," these former businessmen from Taiwan are hoping others will learn from their experience. It's their fourth demonstration across Taiwan in several weeks. Those here in Taichung accuse the Chinese regime of suppressing and deceiving them while they invested in China. Now they are warning others—including the Taiwanese government—not to trust the regime.

[Kao Wei-pang, Director of Taiwan's Victims of Investment in China Association]:
"We hope everyone will wake up to the fact that China is not a haven for investors. There are all sorts of traps, especially for Taiwanese businessmen."

Taiwan is hoping to sign an agreement with the Chinese regime to protect Taiwanese investors. Many are skeptical about the deal though, because there are already measures in place that aren't being enforced. This victim of land seizure in China wants President Ma Ying-jeou to take note of the realities in China.

[Zhu Yi-jie, Land Seizure Victim]:
"I want to ask the Ma administration, if [the Chinese regime] cannot guarantee the rights of its 1.3-billion people, how can it protect Taiwan? Can Taiwanese investors be protected?"