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    Darkness within Shadow Episode 2


    by LordTerrantos

    Episode 2 of Darkness within Shadow Shortly after the Main Bleach villains gathered the other bleach villains of the series, filler villains and movie villains included as well as corrupted the court guard squads of the soul society. Now we see how the heroes of the series get involved in this war in DMC aka Devil May Cry.

    Anyway songs are Melody of the wild dance, Haruka Kanata from Bleach, Hypnotica by Two Steps Between Hell and Dancing Mad from FF6.

    Anyway you should know the plot if you watched episode 1.

    All characters belong to thier respectful owner

    Dark Emperor belongs to me

    Artwork of Dark Emperor belongs to the artist

    Shuren's attack artwork belongs to IFrAgMenTIx