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    AT&T/T-Mobile Merger Would Help Fulfill Obama’s Broadband


    by WebProNews

    The debate around the AT&T/T-Mobile merger seems to be growing daily. Despite the opposition and the lawsuits to block the acquisition from both the U.S. Department of Justice and Sprint, supporters continue to speak out about the benefits the merger would provide.

    Former Congressman Rick Boucher, who is also the Honorary Chairman of the Internet Innovation Alliance (IIA), is among this group of supporters because he believes the deal would be advantageous for innovation, the economy, and job creation. He spoke with WebProNews and said that the merger would not only achieve broadband deployment, but that it would also help fulfill the President’s goal of having 98 percent of the country have access to broadband.

    For these reasons and others, he believes that it will be approved. Do you agree?