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    Learn about On-The-Go Protocols in USB Architecture 2.0 ...


    by GogoTraining

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    USB Architecture Part 2 online training gets into more detail covering low-speed, full-speed and high-speed environments. You will learn about the encoding and electrical environment including differential signaling. USB configuration will be explored in detail, including evaluating descriptors, and host requests in this online training. You will also learn about the On-The-Go protocol.

    Course Prerequisites:
    Part 1 of the USB Architecture 2.0. Attendees are also expected to have a good understanding of PC hardware and software architecture. An understanding of serial communications techniques is also highly recommended.

    Course Objectives:
    As a result of taking this USB course, you will be able to:
    • Describe USB Hubs, power management, and split transactions
    • Learn USB configuration requirements
    • Explore USB transaction types and device classes, 877-546-4446