China's "Obama Fried Chicken" Restaurant Removes Sign

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And over the last week, there's been a lot of international media coverage about a tiny Chinese fast food restaurant. Originally called OFC, the restaurant's logo featured US President Barack Obama. The sign was taken down yesterday after pressure from local authorities. But it's not the first time Obama's image has been used to sell products in China.

A small fried chicken shop on the outskirts of Beijing is drawing worldwide attention, thanks to its sign that puts the US President Barack Obama's face on the body of KFC's Colonel Sanders.

The shop was originally named "OFC," short for "Obama Fried Chicken."

Photos of the sign have spread all over the Internet and gained coverage from international media.

The shop has since renamed itself "UFO" in fear of legal repercussions from KFC. They took down the sign completely last night due to "pressure from local authorities," according to its 21-year-old shop owner Zhu Baolai.

Zhu, who is also second-year university student, says he opened the store a week ago to gain real-life experience.

The tiny takeaway store has barely enough room to stand.

Yet Zhu has high hopes for both his business investment and logo.

[Zhu Baolai, Shop Owner]:
"I think Obama has a great smile. He looks kind. I hope he can bring my small shop some good fortune, like a money god."

Zhu designed the logo, and admits he's a fan of Obama.

Although images of the sign have gone viral on the Internet, local residents are unimpressed.

[Ren Hetian, University Student]:
"He's imitating KFC. He's replaced KFC's old man logo with Obama and the name with something else. He's just copying other people's ideas. In terms of creativity ... well, I think he's just copying. Does this count as piracy?"