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    Blue Exorcist LIVE ACTION Fanmade Trailer

    NarutoChidori Official

    by NarutoChidori Official

    I. Had. An. Amazing. Idea! Since everyone loves Blue Exorcist ( Ao no Exorcist ) so much - why not make a LIVE ACTION Fanmade Trailer of it!? So I did!

    Rin Okumura: Night crawler ( X-Men 2 )
    Yuko: Okumura: The guy who runs down the hallway ( Inception )
    Mephisto Pheles: The guy from I Am Number Four, Cape Dude ( I Am Number Four / Cirque de Freak )
    Ryuji Suguro: The guy from Red Riding Hood ( Red Riding Hood )
    Shiemi Moriyama: The girl from I Am Number Four ( I Am Number Four )
    Izumo Kamiki: The girl from Zombie land ( Zombie land )
    Konekonmaru Miwa: Aang ( Avatar the last air bender )
    Renzo Shima: Jessie Eisenberg ( Adventure land )
    Shura Kirigakure: The girl from I Am Number Four ( I Am Number Four )
    Shiro Fujimoto: The guy from The Adjustment Bureau ( The Adjustment Bureau )
    Amaimon: The guy from The Coveant ( The Covenant )