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    Ayya Vazhi - Saint Arrested by Cruel King


    by Tamilmasala_Movies

    Saint arrested by Cruel King for acting against state, And his involvement in bringing people into revolutionary mode. King not recognised his melavolent power, sends him to rigorous prison, there he is asked to drink poison to death. In this movie there is a king who is very cruel and troubles the village people.People pray to lord vishnu asking to help them.Seeing this lord vishnu sends his avatar to the village to help them.VishnuS avatar helps the poor and sick people and preaches them about peace and god.But one day the king comes to know about the avatar and he sends his army to arrest him. They treat him very badly and take him to the king and the king troubles and tortures him but the avatar tolerates everything smiling.Seeing this the king changes and becomes a follower of peace.In the end they show us that all we need is peace and love and if we fight the world will end very soon.