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    BabyDan Premier Pressure Indicator Gate - Kiddicare


    by Kiddicare

    Quick Fix - Pressure mounted so there are no holes to drill 73-80 cm 28.7"-31.5" 80-86 cm. with one extension (Not Included) 86-93 cm. with two extensions (Not Included) 93-99.5 cm. with three extensions(Not Included) 99.5-106.5 cm. with four extensions (Not Included) 106.5-113.5 cm. with five extensions (Not Included) 113.5-120 cm. with six extensions (Not Included) Height approx 78 cm. Unique design - needs no screwing to the wall. Easily fitted to doorways and staircases. Safety Features: Wide door opens either way. Non-toxic wipe finish. Self-testing pressure gauge included. Due to the variations in house design it is advisable to double check all measurements MEASURE TWICE - BUY ONCE