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    by rapidrealtybedford

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    WE LOVE THE SERVICE WE GET FROM RAPID!!! Almost all of our tenants came to us from Rapid Realty Bedford. They are all terrific... pay their rent on time, take good care of our units, and get on well with the others in the building. Rapid basically does all the work for us. They find us tenants, get all the paperwork, etc. etc., so all we have to do is give a seal of approval to our future tenants and sign leases with them. We pay Rapid the fee, since they typically get us fantastic tenants, and because people obviously want no-fee places. Meaning we don't sit around for months waiting for someone to move in because they don't want to pay a broker fee. Long story short, we love the service we get from Rapid, and our tenants have never had any complaints about the service they got either. Good all around!