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    Shanghai Metro X-Ray Scanners are "Illegal Devices"


    by NTDTelevision

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    Shanghai city commuters found out on Monday that none of the x-ray machines at metro stations are operating with radiation-safety licenses—as required by law. This news comes just two weeks after the Shanghai Line 10 subway crash that injured nearly 300 passengers. Commuters—concerned about safety—now face a possible health risk.

    On Monday, officials from the Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau revealed that the X-ray security inspection scanners in the city's metro stations are "illegal devices."

    The Shanghai Daily reported the Radiation Inspection Deputy Director of Shanghai Environmental Protection Bureau, Chen Jiliang, said, "None of the X-ray machines in the Metro stations has gone through an environment impact assessment to get a radiation safety license as the law requires, which means they are all illegal devices in operation."

    None of the 528 X-ray security inspection machines have been properly tested and they don't have radiation safety licenses.

    Radiation experts are saying the excessive radiation, ozone, and nitric oxide emissions from the X-ray machines could pose a health hazard.

    But, Shanghai's railway police will not stop using the security scanners. They are saying over 40 percent of the machines have been checked—and they expect to complete inspections on the rest by the end of this month.

    It was reported that the security scanners were hastily installed last year for the city's 2010 World Expo.

    The Shanghai Daily reported metro operators refused to have the inspection checks done last year—claiming that security procedures needed to be enforced straightaway before the Expo.

    Commuters have barely recovered from the shock of the Shanghai Line 10 subway crash that injured nearly 300 passengers just two weeks ago.