Weezer Bassist Mikey Welsh Predicts Own Death on Twitter

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Did you hear a weird news story? Tell me below!

**Thieves Steal 50 foot Bridge in Western Pennsylvania:

Article : http://nydn.us/rg0Wj9

**Porn Thief: Amanda Rose Owens

Amanda Rose Owens climbs through doggy door to steal from her neighbors to get money for her porn addiction.

Article 1: http://bit.ly/nKDpPU
Article 2: http://bit.ly/mZ0qPG

In defense of miss Owens, I am just poking fun at her and I have to apologize because I think under all that (which is beyond her control) she’s very attractive, and possibly sex starved, which mostly would make her in to some really kinky sh*t.

Conjugal visits anyone?

**Mikey Welsh Predicts his own death on Twitter:

Here are the two tweets where Mikey Predicted his Passing:

Tweet 1: http://bit.ly/MikeyWelshTweet
Tweet 2: http://bit.ly/MikeyWelshTweet2

SIDENOTE: The Welsh twitter account is still active, I’m not sure who’s running it on his behalf but you can still see it in action at http://twitter.com/#!/MikeyWelsh71

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