Vangelis - Alexander OST - The Charge

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Thank you my dear friend Tony Danis, for me personification Alexandru great patriotism and courage is the greatness of Greek leader Alexander the great amazing facts, and of Greek culture invented and discovered democracy, parliament, the Senate, the arts and medicine, mathematics and algebra and geometry in space, we Romans have been friends for years my Greek people, there are two people that we were born here and I came from elsewhere, we are also Orthodox Christians, people with faith in God and in justice and truth.

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Traiasca prietenia poporului Roman cu poporul Grec,dedic aceasta melodie acestui popor greu lovit de forte reactionare internationale!
Par Eastern Daily News il y a 3 ans
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... (___)__.*********excellent!!***super!!****thank you dear friend!!!*****many
greetings!****@ll the best!!!
Par tony danis il y a 3 ans