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    Dead Artist, A Novel by Ivan Jenson. Hen House Press, 2011


    by ehenhouse

    Pop artist Milo Sonas was a New York City art world star in the 80s and 90s. After 9/11, a nervous breakdown and years of obscurity, Milo finds himself sheltered in a government subsidized motel room in the Midwest. In the afternoons, he wanders the streets, haunts coffee shops and frequents shopping malls. He also experiences frequent supernatural visits from famous dead artists.

    When Milo is suddenly rediscovered by a former collector, his fortunes shift and his reemergence from obscurity is underway. However, first he must deal with his highly eccentric family members, and plan his dying mother’s funeral (that she intends to attend) and his own wedding to a University coed, all in the same afternoon. Will Milo escape the drone of suburbia, and stop fearing that art history would rather see him dead, before he is allowed to feel, touch and taste success?

    Published by Hen House Press, 2011. With Kevin Clyne and Esperanza Gonzales. Produced by