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    Himsinche 23Va Raju Pulakesi - Telugu Cinema - Part 10/15 - Vadi Velu


    by shemarootelugu

    Himsinche 23va Raju Pullikesi is a super comedy Telugu cinema starring Vadi Velu.The basic plot is... Himsinche 23va Raju Pullikesi is set in the 1770's when the British had occupied India. An ageing king is blessed with twin sons after many years of wedlock. The minister (Nasser) separates the twins before the king could know that he is blessed with twins.The evil minded minister wants to rule the kingdom by making the prince a pawn in his hands. So he trains the prince with toys instead of swords and the other becomes a perfect candidate to be a rebel leader.The rebel leader sees the king once and awestruck by their physical resemblance and he gets an idea which brings the real twist in the story which really has to be watched