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    Models Do The FHM Office Lap Of Honour!


    by FHMweb

    Inspired by a visit to the office by Top Gear's James May, we invented our latest lunch time challenge: The FHM Lap Of Honour. Visiting celebrities and models (it's like a Elton John's birthday party in here every day, honestly) are handed the keys to our mini dirt bike and given one instruction: get once round the room as quickly as you can. The office record? 12.4 seconds by Editor Ross Brown (although to be fair he pretty much slung the bike over his shoulder and ran). Watch here as a lovely young lady (who dropped by to tell us all about the scorchingly-good new Xbox 360 game Gears Of War) bravely mounts our tiny iron steed. She beat ex-footballer Chris Kamara's time of 16 seconds too. The shame.