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    Video Marketing Advise for Retailers: Create Content, ...

    Larry Kless

    by Larry Kless

    I spoke with Andy Stack, Product Manager at YouTube following his keynote, "Video Convergence is Here: Get Ready!", at the 2011 Liveclicker Video Summit, who says, online video is a valuable tool to drive brands, and is transforming the way consumers engage and conduct commerce. The use of online video in e-commerce is an opportunity you can’t afford to miss or not fully understand.

    His main message to brands and retailers is to create content, not commercials.

    Stack shared 5 lessons he learned from his experience at YouTube to help retailers and brands create successful online video campaigns:

    1. Rethink what “content” means
    2. Every video is a conversation (if you let it become one)
    3. Every video is interactive
    4. Every video finds an audience. (Online Video is reaching NEW audiences every day.)
    5. You don’t always have to make video, you can inspire others or curate

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