Advertising Console 6-7 person,Mountain trails Grand Pass Family Dome

    frank sr

    by frank sr

    Quality American made tents, sleep 2-10 person, setup in minutes. Keep your family and friends warm and dry in tents rated in the top-10, for durability, Quality, superior construction, that will out last the competition.
    We offer tents by chinook, mountain trails, swiss gear, wenzel, tetragon, timberline, unita and kanderstag to name a few. the Mountain Trails Grand Pass Family Dome, sleeps 6-7 persons has plenty of room in side, with dutch-d style doors for easy access. 5-windows and mesh vented roof, keep you warm and dry in, with 177 sq. feet of living space and room divider curtain makes mountain trails a great addition to any outdoor adventure. Visite us @ and save us in your FAVORITES and BOOKMARKS for a quick and easy short cut to your one-stop outdoor supply store.