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    Baume & Mercier Unveils Hampton Film Teaser


    by MultiVu

    A house, a child, a locked wooden chest, an old notebook rediscovered, a key ... what secret awaits? For the time being, we remain in the dark.

    Imbued with poetry and mystery, and, above all, that special light between sky and sea that bathes the Hamptons, the teaser of the launch advert for the new Hampton collection from Baume & Mercier is an invitation to dream, and gives us a intriguing glimpse of this upcoming event. Coupled with the film's release will be the launch of a new dedicated site, previously unpublished images on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, and events hosted at retailers around the world set to a "seaside living" theme. There's no doubt that Baume & Mercier have set out to make a mark with their new Hampton line. But we'll have to wait, with some impatience, until October 18th to discover the rest - the film, the site, and, of course, the new Hampton collection!

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