ECONOMY REPORT 2011.10.11 (21:30)

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1011 Tuesday1 US MARKET LATEST2 ATHENS-TROIKA TALKS CONCLUDE3 EU SUMMIT DELAYED 4 ITALY'S UNEXPECTED GROWTH5 EU'S CONDITION FOR RENEWING KYOTO6 US ECONOMISTS SHARE NOBEL PRIZE7 NOBEL LAUREATES ON US POLICY8 ANTI-WALL ST MOVEMENT GROWS9 RUSSIA TO IMPROVE FINANCIAL MARKET10 UN: FOOD PRICES TO REMAIN HIGH 11 RECORD PRE-ORDERS OF IPHONE 4SComing up...[ECONOMICS NOBEL UNVEILED]Two American professors share the 2011 Nobel Prize for their research on macroeconomics. They've also expressed views on U.S. fiscal policy.8[TUESDAY DECISIVE]Troika officials have finished working in Athens. Their report coming out on Tuesday will determine if Greece can stay afloat.[SUMMIT DELAYED]Herman van Rompuy postpones an EU summit on solutions to the Greek debt crisis.Hello and welcome to Economy Report. I'm Daniel West in Beijing.1 STORY: US MARKET LATESTPKGIntroU.S. stocks surged on Monday, with the blue-chip Dow Jones index soaring more than 300 points.Markets were encoura
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