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    girl, in DUBAI


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    Harry Juselius
    Exellent film very very very well done, great music, thanks. Harry
    Από Harry Juselius8 χρονια πριν
    The day will come when the world finds another energy source and your party will be over. People are starving and freezing to death so Dubai can play and build islands they do not need, paid for on the backs of workers they treat like dirt. I will bet that they think because they have money people think they are intelligent. Every one knows only an idiot would spend their money like is seen in this video. George Bush may be dumb enough to take your money, but there are a lot of people that hope you choke on it.
    Από spinin89899 χρονια πριν
    Les iraniens ont investi près de 300 milliard de dollar dans cette perle.
    Από pepitooo9 χρονια πριν
    Από zak9 χρονια πριν
    hazaea alomaisi
    دبي جميله بس الفساد سيجعلها تدمر والله شاهد علي ما اقول
    Από hazaea alomaisi9 χρονια πριν
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