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    Darkness within Shadow Episode 1


    by LordTerrantos

    Well this is an episode of my fanfiction story Darkness within Shadow. I have honestly no idea what made me think of this crossover-fanfic story, its been so long I forgotten and I have not been on daily motion for 2 years.

    and as for the plot: After 90,000 years have past an young dark individual seeks the power of the last Dark Emperor and the 3 Goddesses of the Triforce and when he gains the power by using the corpse of the last Dark Emperor he is confronted by Soifon who soon joins this man in his quest for Universal Domination along with the main villains of bleach (including the movie ones and filler) and upon this Soifon corrupts the court Guard Squads and along with Rukia and Aizen destroys the soul society. This Individual than forms Shadowblood an evil organization with the most notorius villains and Yoruichi forms a Hero Organization known as Godstrike with the most well known Heroes to stop Dark Emperor and his army.