Mom and Little Daughter Killed Together

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FAKE. ! The mom & daughter had almost made it to the other side before they are supposedly hit just out of camera view. Also why if its such a busy road why then has all the traffic been cleared away before the car with the camera - other than to allow plenty of view for the car to be seen as it skids out of control and for the "victims"to be dragged along. And mainly because what type of person after witnessing an accident like that just continues to casually drive on ahead without offering some sort of assistance.
Por Ian Prasons El último martes
cant believe the driver kept going...ffs a woman and child just been hit by car and he drove right past them
Por Craig Blyth El septiembre
this is why when you drive a bus on a big street you cannot be polite by letting people pass because you hide the most of the view.
Por Giorgos Papadopoulos El junio
Por akumie El año pasado