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    Gayab - Tushar looking At Hot Antara Mali's


    by shemarootelugu

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    The basic premise of an inconspicuous common man (played by Tusshar Kapoor) who gets his wish of vanishing into thin air is promising -- though for home-viewing purposes. It allows the maltreated protagonist a certain lascivious leeway into places where civilised society does not allow us to enter. Hence, our mousy hero Vishnu Prasad is suddenly and violently ubiquitous. In a prolonged celebration of secluded erotica, he barges into his dream-girl's hi-tech bedroom (some classy art décor by Jeena Shetty and Rashid Rangrez) as she is bathing. She is on an overdrive with video games, and yet has the audacity to be shocked when her boyfriend Sameer (Ramman Trikha) confesses he once, just once, tried drugs. A strange dichotomy runs through this tale of wish fulfilment. The characters are clean, uncomplicated, simple people caught in a bizarre situation that fails to energise the plot or the audience. Though some of the early scenes (like when the still-visible hero is slapped by the heroine's boyfriend at a café) have the power to touch you, the touch does not continue with the film. The narrative grows progressively powerless after Vishnu acquires supernatural powers.