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    The View On The Streets: Riot Control


    by WORLDwrite



    andrew hirst
    Why did the government and child protection jobsworths intervene in society to take away parents and teachers right to discipline and bring up children in the first place?
    By andrew hirst4 years ago
    Cameron et al should watch this although I don't suppose they would know what to do with their time if they weren't meddling with us. This film covers one of the most important issues right now - that our own authority and freedoms to make decisions for ourselves and our children are being stripped away. It is great to hear so many people opposing this.
    By Vivregan4 years ago
    The coalition can't and won't mention the loss of adult authority. They have simply bought into the New Labour agenda of creating a child-centred society that is totally contemptuous of the rest of us, and they will only make this worse. As though they know better than us how to love and discipline our own kids. Give me a break. I totally agree with the people in this video, give parents back their authority to be parents, not more State intervention.
    By Baqarah4 years ago
    Ceri Dingle
    The coalition and opposition show both how out of touch with people they are and their complete contempt for us, by failing to even mention the loss of parental- adult authority- and this is clearly a huge concern for the majority. Cameron could really make his mark if he dared to say I believe parents are the ones who should have all the rights to discipline their children and ditched the dangerous 'child centred' policies he has inherited from labour and made worse.
    By Ceri Dingle4 years ago