Noam Chomsky & Michel Foucault

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A 1971 debate between Noam Chomsky and Michel Foucault on the origins of human nature, and the relative merits of innatist theories and learned paradigms. Somewhat heavy on philosophical jargon, this is nonetheless an intensely interesting conversation between two highly intelligent and thoughtful thinkers.
One in a series of lectures in the International Philosopher's Project, this debate was originally entitled 'Human Nautre: Justice vs. Power'. This clip is from Dutch television, hence the Dutch subtitles, although the video itself is in English and French.


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By loveelybabi87 4 years ago
Excellent, surtout la prise de position de Michel Foucault, fidèle archéologue du savoir qu'il est.
By Raja Arslan 5 years ago
Hi beatifulcynic. Great video. Any place to get an English translation of Michel's side? My French seems to have completely lapsed.
By lindarosemcroy 5 years ago
a fantastic sharing, many thanks, madame!
By kantiano 6 years ago
Magnifique point de vue foucaldien,
By krko 7 years ago
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