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    Albert Ho to Run for Hong Kong Chief Executive


    by NTDTelevision

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    Hong Kong Democratic Party Chairman Albert Ho has announced that he intends to run for the position of Chief Executive of Hong Kong. Ho held a press conference at a Hong Kong café to make the announcement.

    At a coffee shop in Hong Kong, Albert Ho held a press conference on Tuesday to announce his plans of running for the post of Chief Executive of the Special Administrative Region.

    The post of Chief Executive is the highest position in the Hong Kong government. It replaced the position of governor at the end of British rule in 1997. The Chief Executive is chosen by an 800-member electoral committee, as well as special interest groups—such as businesses and unions—and only partly by private citizens. Once elected, the Chief Executive has to be appointed by the Chinese regime in Beijing.

    But Ho's outspoken criticism of the Chinese regime's human rights record and his campaigning for universal suffrage in Hong Kong may make him an unlikely choice in an election that ultimately has to win the Chinese regime's approval.

    Ho says his candidacy is as much about keeping other candidates in check than for winning himself.

    [Albert Ho, Chairman, HK Democratic Party]:
    "I hope these candidates can be in touch with reality, they shouldn't only be focusing towards the highest leaders in Beijing or Hong Kong's businessmen and big financial groups, fighting for their acceptance...My candidacy is to ensure all candidates will focus on the people."

    The current chief executive, Donald Tsang's term will end on June 30th, 2012. Ho says that if elected, he will fight for universal suffrage by 2020, maintain freedom and rule of law, and help vulnerable groups in society.

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