Haikou City Drenched by Heavy Rains

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And moving on to the southern island of Hainan, where Haikou city has been drenched by rain for two days earlier this week. Some experts are saying there are a combination of factors that may have led to the downpours.

The southern Chinese city of Haikou was hit hard by rainstorms on Tuesday and Wednesday. Experts say it was partly due to storm surges and the astronomical tide.

Chief forecaster of the Hainan Oceanic Environment Forecast Service, Li Wenhuan, said there were three reasons for the rainstorm in Haikou. The South China Sea is at its highest level in October; secondly, the astronomical tide caused higher water levels; and finally Cyclone Nalgae contributed additional rain.

According to experts, seawater will flow into the city when the tide exceeds a warning level. Haikou has limited drainage, and the drains will block up when rainfall exceeds 13 inches.

Transportation in Haikou is now recovering. In Xiuying Wharf, many tourists left on Thursday. The ships are now operating without delays.

One tourist says that passenger ships leave the wharf as soon as they fill up, so passengers don't have to wait too long.