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    Paint Overspray removal International Services " Bmw German engineering at its best"

    Jeff Suggs

    by Jeff Suggs

    78 views has always been able to remove any type of overspray damage from a vehicle. This Bmw has some industrial grade Marine & Protective Coating paint overspray on it from a tank being painted at the owners job location. The normal overspray removal methods will not work on this type of paint. This product has a 25 years life span when applied to any surface. I had to go old school on this vehicle and use my blading technique to remove the overspray damage. Long before the clay bar from Auto magic, 3M and others was ever invented this was and still is chosen method to remove any type of overspray. I used a Sony HD camera with no cutaways while blading process is being used to prove that no damage is occurring during my cleaning process. Find me on Facebook "Jeff Suggs" and check out Google ads and websites from all over the world like Japan, China, Russia, Dubai, India, Asia, and many others that feature our videos. Contact : 877-715-5663