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    Learn Streaming Over IP from the Next Generation ...


    by GogoTraining

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    This VoIP course gives you a history and background of telephony and how we can evolve to next generation voice communications (Voice over IP). Included in the VoIP online training is a review of circuit switched telephony, QoS issues, and how packet based networks can be used for robust and cost effective support of streaming applications.

    The students should have taken Telecommunications Essentials and Datacommunications Essentials online courses or have the equivalent experience and background.

    As a result of taking this Next Generation Telephony-VoIP online training course, you will be able:

    •Evaluate the business case for VoIP
    •Contrast and compare circuit switched telephony with VoIP
    •Review the convergence models for aggregating traffic in packet switched networks
    •Investigate the signaling processes of VoIP
    •Identify the challenges and benefits of deploying VoIP, 1-877-546-4446