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    Steve Jobs' Apple legacy: Mac VS PC fight full series Episode 2

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    Steve Jobs has gone, a great loss for business, ICT and for advertising. His death will make a temporary ceasefire in this bloody war between PC (Microsoft) and Mac (Apple). Here is our second series of hilarious ad tribute, as a wink of an eye to one of the greatest tycoons and inventors of modern times. Starring the US actors Justin Long as "Mac" and John Hodgman as "PC". This remix also features the actress Andree Vermeulen & Patrick Warburton. To be continued.
    A US series of commercials produced between 2008 and 2009.
    Endless Mac Versus PC battle
    May the best win.
    Place your bets !
    Apple - USA - 2009. A comemrcial featuring the actress Andree Vermeulen
    Apple - USA - 2009.
    Apple - USA - 2009.
    Apple - USA - 2009. A commercial featuring the US actor Patrick Warburton
    Apple - USA - 2008.
    Apple - USA - 2008.
    Apple - USA - 2009. A commercial aired on Mac back to school promotion
    Apple - USA - 2009.
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