How to Saute Spinach - Latin American Style

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How to Saute Spinach - as part of the expert series by GeoBeats. Hi. My name is Maximo Tejada, I am chef owner of Rayuela restaurant in New York City, Lower East Side. I had like to introduce to you my kitchen which is simple, but it has a twist of my estilo, which is estilo libro - free style. That is the freedom of all Spanish-speaking countries, given a little touch of the French, because I am French trained, techniques. I had like to show you how to do a different kind of sauteed spinach. Usually I have families who are vegetarians, and it is so difficult for them, families and friends, to make good spinach, interesting spinach. It is very simple and I think the answer is like, what kind of wine, which wine is the best? And I think it is the one that you prefer. So how would you like the spinach? I like it kind of crunchy, just touching the pan; and some people like it cooked to the maximum. I think that it lose all the vitamins, and all the juice, no? I want to show you how we do it here at Rayuela at the Lower East Side. Start with a semi-hot pan, a crude virgin olive oil. It is a little bit too hot. Here we use carica, which is a papaya from Chili, it is a Chilean papaya, it is semi-sweet, it has a mix, for my taste a little bit of like pear, apple, and it has the sweetness of wine so it gives that sweetness to the spinach that you do not get by just sauteeing it by itself. So, I am going to dice it. And besides, it gives that wonderful yellow saffronish look to it. It is a beautiful surprise. I have that. I also want add a little walnuts just to have something crunchy and something interesting to it. So what we are going to do, we are going to sautee this first, and at the end we are going to sprinkle it with chili pepper, of course salt and pepper first. Here we go. The idea is to semi-caramelize the carica, which is Chilean papaya like I said before. We are going to caramelize it a little bit. Add a little bit of, excuse me, pero heminis just to add a little sugar to the dish. And again it is very simple. It might take you two more minutes but the end result is worth it. I think the alcohol is already cooked. We do some walnuts, we do some salt, pepper, a little bit of flakes. And then at the end just have your plate ready, because it is a one-two-three for the spinach. Make sure that you have really fresh, green, baby spinach for this dish. And again you will see that it only takes maybe one minute or so for this, not even. For the spinach a little salt, pepper, and like I said, sprinkle with pepper flakes so it has that sweet crunch and spicy to it. And it already looks beautiful, so just grab your plate. Green, yellow, fresh, crunchiness, wonderful! Sauteed spinach Rayuela style with sweet crunchiness and spiciness.